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Full Roleplay amenities available

From rentals, to events, to sim wide story lines, Luxe aims to continue to innovate and provide residents and role players with experiences that heighten true luxury and urban roleplay.

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Homes and Condos fit for rich character backgrounds.

The best LUXELIFE compatible restaurants and nightlife in SL

Beautiful landscape and detailed decor design provide more realistic backdrops for scenes and city living

Public and private pools and beaches to host parties and enjoy fun in the sun everyday

SL Lifestyle Defined.

At LUXE LA, we offer an experience like no other sim. With luxury properties ranging in affordability from high rise apartments to extravagant mansions, it's never been easier to roleplay an affluent life in SL. Our management works hard to reduce lag, uphold security and ensure a quality living experience. Come have a 5-star sushi dinner, or land your chopper on the roof to arrive in style to our events and parties, jet ski the tunnels, sail in a yacht, or limo ride into the city to enjoy the nightlife. Your possibilities are endless in Luxe. Want to work your way up the ranks? Roleplay the social climb from average citizen to a Luxe Boss.

  • 7 private sims, 1 homestead, 1 mainland region
  • Over 50 public rp locations
  • Slebrity residents and celebrity impersonators for the Hollywood effect

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Plan a trip or vacay

There is never a dull moment in Luxe, with so much to see and do. Don't know if you want to move into a home yet or still waiting for a property to open up? There is still a lot to do and explore in Luxe just as a visitor.
Hotel Rooms NOW AVAILABLE in Malibu!!

Ready to discover the next level of luxury and modern roleplay in SL?

Join the discord and check out our Quick Start Guide to get started playing Luxe RP the fastest! Our check out our 3 detailed guides below on roleplay, rentals, and business to find out everything you need to know to fully immerse into Luxe RP.