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Get a Job in Luxe

Get a Job in Luxe to jumpstart your Roleplay!

Luxe LA has tons of unique roleplay locations to give you more options for your character to work in an environment that suits your story. We currently have the following types of job positions here:


 “Open Min and Med Wage Jobs”

these are jobs that DON’T require any application and are located in turnkeys established by the city. These jobs are available to anyone in the Luxe LA Hollywood Roleplay group at anytime as long as they follow the requirements while working. These businesses may or may not have a citizen CEO running them, however they will always have open minimum and medium wage tip jars for you to work. These jobs will have registers available as tipjars for you to log in and start earning rp money (LC$) directly to your credit card. These tipjars also also accept linden tip jars as well so you have the opportunity to make linden tips in addition to your rp salary. Min Wage open jobs collect 25LC$ per 10 mins and 75% of tips currently. Med wage is 50LC$ per 10 mins and 75% of tips.

Open wage jobs should have this sign somewhere in the shop:

Open wage job requirements:

  • Must not afk for long periods of time or will be banned
  • Must join Luxe LA Hollywood Roleplay group to use tip jar
  • Must announce when you are actively on duty in the same group
  • Must wear clothes suitable for profession
  • Must be friendly and roleplay in position
  • Must have LUXELIFE meter & hud on

As long as you perform the above requirements, you are free to work these jobs whenever you like!



“Open Server Jobs”

these jobs require a server/bartender/cashier application and hiring process by our Lead business manager. If approved to be an official server/bartender or cashier of luxe, you will get a group invite that gives you access to the High wage registers and tip jars in all open and unowned upscale restaurants, stores and bars to work as you please. You will be considered an independent contractor unless you decide to work for a citizen CEO. When wanting to work you just need to announce which location you are working in the rp group and discord in order to open a restaurant or bar.  Servers make high wage (100LC$ per 10 mins + 100% of tips minus 1L transaction fee per transaction). Servers also have access to unlimited food and drink plate rezzers.  Apply here: Servers,  Luxe LA RP Workers Application Link.




“CEO Hiring Jobs”

jobs that another citizen who owns a business in Luxe is hiring for. These jobs often can include a Luxcoin timeclock or tipjar if the owner requested one or if the business has them preinstalled. You will need to discuss directly with the ceo of the businesses about compensation prior to working for them. They may also require application or other prerequisites for hiring. If you do not see a ceo listing job here that you heard was available, please check discord. Ceo’s will post thier job hiring in the “#job-postings” channel on discord. CEO employees make high wage (100LC$ per 10 mins + 100% of tips minus 1L transaction fee per transaction)



“Municipal Worker Jobs”

These are jobs directly hired and employed by the government to usually work in government or city positions. This includes but not limited to Firefighters, Police, Government and Hospital workers