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Rules and Covenant

Luxe SL Rules and Covenant


We want to preserve the fun, look, style and safety of the Luxe L.A. sim. So maintaining our luxury community is very important! The following are a set of rules to follow when visiting or renting at the Luxe L.A. sim.

Please note that our regulations are subject to change at anytime.


Everything that you rezz outside of your parcel, house, apartment or property, should be in the same style as the sim. However, interiors, front yards, driveways and backyards can be decorated according to your own whims. All Commercial rentals must fit the aesthetic and theme of the sim for roleplay purpose including interior and exterior.

If you decide to disregard these regulations you get 2 warnings and your prims returned. A 3rd offense means that we reserve the right to give up on your rental agreement and evict you without any refund.


  • DO NOT exceed the number of prims/LI you’ve paid for. Residents overprim may have prims returned without warning. All prims rezzed must have the owner as a tenant or subtenant on a rental meter or they will be returned, including hired decorators.
  • DO NOT rez breedables
  • DO NOT rez skyboxes or platforms in your parcel
  • DO NOT rez any large landscaping item without approval from
    Angel… (Yasmin Dionysus)Landscaping items too big will risk being returned with no explanation or warning (e.g. houses, trees, billboards, etc)


  • DO NOT rez prims in walkways, private property lots, public spaces or other areas where they will be in anyone else’s way. Unauthorized stray prims found beyond rented property will be returned.
  1. YOU MAY TEMPORARILY rez prims in public spaces if you are taking photo’s or hosting a party or approved event (see events section for more details)
  2. DO NOT rez anything that is not period appropriate to the theme of the sim
  3. DO NOT rez anything tasteless, or disruptive to the aesthetic of the area
  4. YOU MUST clean up your prims once you are finished with your photos/party/event



  • YOU MAY park your vehicle in public parking spaces/garages however
  • YOU MUST pay the appropriate meter with your parking card to use the parking space. If a meter is on 0.00 time left, you will be ticketed and towed.
  • DO NOT leave your vehicle parked in non designated areas, your car will be ticketed and towed. Repeatedly leaving a car in a non parking area may result in rez rights removed, and banned from rez group.
  • PLEASE make sure that you car is turned to sleep mode when parked. This helps cut back on running scripts in the sim which create lag.



  • DO NOT annoy other residents by sending them unsolicited friend requests, offering to bite, abusive languages, weapons, Spamming with landmarks, or notecards, or sending unsolicited group invites of other businesses. This includes messages in IMs, local and group chats.
  • DO NOT IM the neighbors of Luxe L.A. with any form of harassment or begging for sex. This is an adult sim, but you should respect your fellow neighbors. (Note: staff will not get involved in relationship drama between its residents or visitors.)
  • DO NOT tresspass into private rentals without the consent from its resident. Sit hacking to go beyond locked doors is prohibited! Report to a staff member.
  • DO NOT spam gestures, they are allowed but don’t overdo it
  • NO GRIEFING: This includes any form of orbiting, pushing, trapping, shooting, lagging, freezing or any other disruptive attack against another person or the sim itself without consent is prohibited. Report incident to a staff member.
  • NO AGE-PLAY: The community is a mix of  ADULT & MODERATE sims, HOWEVER child avatars are  permitted within the community as long as the follow strict guidelines including being supervised in all public areas, staying out of any public area labeled “adult only”. Child avatars are allowed in private residence as long as they abstain from sex or any other adult themes.  Age-play is prohibited everywhere. All violators will be permabanned and reported to LL.

To view all rules in detail please read through our covenant.

Luxe SL Rental Agreement- Tenants

Section 1: Official Groups and Sim Staff
Any use of groups using the community’s name or featuring the “Luxe SL” designation other than those specifically created, sanctioned, and/or approved by management are strictly prohibited.

If you would like to start a Luxe SL Township group for use on this sim, please contact management directly and a group may be started for you by management.
Current Official Luxe SL Groups:
Luxe L.A.
Luxe LA Airport Hotel
Region Management
Lennox Hill Medical Group
West Coast Valley University
SL Greek
Luxe Billionaires Club
Luxe LA Hollywood Roleplay
Luxe LA Police and Fire Departmentrs
Luxe LA Bankers and Jewelers

Current Sim Staff:
Yasmin Luxembourgh (yasmin.dionysusr)- MANAGER

Shimmy British




Section 2: IC/OOC Rules and Regulations

While Luxe SL is a RP Community, RP is not forced upon anyone and people are more than welcome to visit, roam, and live in Luxe SL OOCly. When doing any of this, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed.
Disputes or Complaints: Contact management if you have any problems.
You possess the burden of proof for any complaint or dispute.
You need to save any chat logs and/or photographic evidence to support your complaint.
If you cannot prove your case, your complaint will be dismissed.

Section 2.1 Basic OOC Regulations
You will follow the instructions given by the Luxe SL Township Administration, this includes Owners, Executive and General Managers, Community Moderators, Event Staff, and Sales Agents.
Rules of Luxe SL Township, and the rulings made by management on a case by case basis prevail.
Your Second Life character must be older than 30 days. Any character younger than that will be subject to ejection from the sim automatically.
Management may use ALL chat logs for the purpose of resolving disputes or other administrative action. If you are not willing to log and share these, then there is no way to handle your dispute and it will be looked at as he said, she said circumstance.
Child avatars are permitted. All ages are expected to follow the rules for moderate rating as stated by LL. Luxe SL STRICTLY prohibits any sexual conduct involving child avatars (those less than the RP age of 18), or any other conduct prohibited by Linden Lab’s Terms of Service, or by law.
Messaging of ANY renter in regards to their rental is NOT permitted. If you have a question about a rental then contact a member of the Real Estate team or management.
Messaging of ANYONE or asking in the group for Lindens will result in an immediate ban from Luxe SL and its groups.
Luxe SL Township is a residential AND role-play community. Respect the privacy of all residents. DO NOT enter residential dwellings unless invited by the resident, themselves. DO NOT cam into rented residential properties.
Voice is available on residential and SOME commercial properties but MUST be contained to the parcel. There is to be no harassing of people to get them to voice.
Flying is disabled throughout Luxe SL. Visitors and Residents are not permitted to fly at any time.

Section 2.2 Object/Prim Rezzing Rules
Rezzing by non-renters is limited to 100 prims for current use only (like a car). Please pick up after yourself or it will be returned. Constantly leaving behind prims may result in a ban. You must be renting a day pass in order to rez without renting.
Rezzing by residents must be within the limits of prims rented, and within the rental space purchased. Rezzing outside the rental anywhere else in Luxe SL is limited to 100 prims for immediate use only, and must be picked up before leaving (this includes vehicles, not in use).
Rezzing must be in agreement with the sim theme, time period, and surrounding builds. Be mindful of the scripts or poses that are set in an object, as lag can be a result of this, keep all scripts to a minimum as much as possible. Anything found running high scripts, or causing issues with lag, will be returned immediately.
Rezzing of unneeded objects or spamming objects is considered griefing and will result in a minimum of a 24-hour ban.
In order to maintain the quality and aesthetic of Luxe SL, mesh objects are preferred. Rezzing of old sculpt or prim content is strongly discouraged, and may be subject to removal.
A complexity level of anything over 200,000 points is considered abnormally high and may result in the wearer being asked to remove high script items or be ejected from the sim. Your viewers allow you to review your complexity if you are having trouble rezzing in or lagging considerably when others are not, please check this before consulting management about lag issues.
Breeding breedables (Amaretto, ABC, Barnyard, Wild, etc.) are not permitted on the sim, not on the ground or up in the air.
This is an RP Community, not a breedable housing sim.
If you have an aged out (retired and unable to breed) breedable that you use as a family pet or for riding and it is a REALISTIC animal (we do NOT permit fantasy creatures), then it may be left out (ALL animations and sounds must be turned off).
If you rent a commercial spot, non-birthed breedables are permitted to be sold (ie. nests, bundles, kennels, etc.).
Prim and Animesh pets and children are permitted however they count towards your allotted prim count. Keep their running scripts to a minimum. If their functionality results in lag spikes on or around the property you will be asked to pick them up.
ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE – Management has the right to return items (without notice) resulting in high lag or high script count in order to keep the enjoyment of Luxe SL to its full potential.

Section 2.3: Basic OOC Regulations

Voice is open for roleplay only. If you are not participating in roleplay with voice, please refrain from using voice or you will be teleported home and given a warning. 3 warnings will result in an indefinite ban from public areas. This is a roleplay community, please respect the the roleplay environment, especially when using voice. Please also be mindful of text roleplay going on if in voice, and give text based roleplayers the opportunity to respond in turn.

Allowed Avatars:
Humanoid (walks upright and is for the most part human but has animal-like characteristics…fur, ears, tails…this means that nekos and furries) avatars are permitted to rent and RP under the discretion of management.
These avatars are treated as if they are human.
Even if this IS your avatar, hooves, paws, claws, horns, tails, etc. will be looked at as their human counterparts (hands, feet, headbands, hats, etc), or things that you can take off.
We are NOT a Bloodlines Sim, A&D sim, or any other combat or fantasy type hud sim; there is to be no biting or attacking in any way shape or form here via huds at Luxe SL, even if permission is asked. If you are a resident, citizen, or regular tourist of Luxe SL, we strongly encourage you to remove these huds when in our regions to help reduce the likely hood of this covenant statute being broken.
Fantasy styled avatars are not permitted to RP in Luxe SL…Centaurs, Angels, Vampires, “Monsters”, Werewolves, Zombies…for example.

Section 2.4: Vehicle Rules
ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE – Management reserves the right to deem a vehicle unfit for the sim and return it without notice, be it due to the type of vehicle or the appearance of the vehicle. Prims rezzed in RP areas are subject to return as well (without notice) if left unattended after the RP has been completed.
Vehicle use at Luxe SL is allowed, however, vehicles must be realistic. All vehicles need to be no more than 100 prims, and they must be of decent quality to fit the aesthetic of the sim.
Aircraft and foreign/fantasy vehicles (ie. alien spacecraft, flying boats, hovercrafts, airplanes, helicopters) are not permitted on Luxe SL. Some exceptions may be made upon consultation of management. role-play at Luxe SL is as real as it can possibly be and this pertains to vehicles as well.
We strongly urge you to lock your vehicles. If they are unlocked AND in a public area, they are subject to being stolen and used during RP.

Section 3: Rentals
All rentals in Luxe SL Township, if available, may be rented by simply paying the rental box located at the rental location.
Refunds are possible ONLY if the sim your rental is on is no longer available and a suitable plot cannot be found on another Luxe SL sim.
In the event of banning or you choosing to leave Luxe SL, NO REFUND will be given. It is your choice to pay tier in advance, it is not a requirement to keep your rental. No matter how much time you have left (1 hour, 1 day, 1 month); if you choose to leave or are banned, your tier is forfeit.
Remaining tier transfers are only permitted for rentals that you LIVE in. If you move in with someone your tier cannot be transferred. Only the tier of the main renter can be transferred to another property they are the main renter for.   If you are leaving the community, your tier is forfeit and WILL NOT be transferred elsewhere.
Any discounts on rentals that are in conjunction with the employment of Luxe SL will only apply after the position has been acquired. Sales Agents do not keep up with those that come and go from departments that are extended discounts, it is on the renter to inform them in order to have a discount applied. Previous payments will not be credited, only future payments will see the price reduction. It is NOT possible to stack discounts.

We will not swap homes under any circumstance.

BASIC landscaping is provided on lots and will remain, we will not perform in-depth or complete landscaping. This allows renters to have more prims for decorating homes, and the chance to personalize their yards while keeping the desired quality of appearance that Luxe SL strives for.
Skyboxes and Platforms are NOT permitted above ANY rental properties by anyone without Admin approval for ANY reason.
We will not permit the rezzing of old or low-quality content or objects that are an eyesore. We want to protect the overall aesthetic of Luxe SL, and we appreciate your cooperation in facilitating that goal with your rentals. These items will be subject to immediate return. While you will be messaged as to why it is NOT a guarantee that you will be given time to remove it yourself.
Tinting/painting of walls inside a rented property is possible but subject to owner availability. We will NOT retexture them, as that can mess with the shading of a house and means that upon moving the home would have to be completely replaced. The outside of residential buildings will not be retextured, and are rarely tinted. Commercial buildings are meant to stay as they are in their outward appearance.
ANY relocations will REQUIRE a one-week payment or more before they are completed. Sales Agents will need to be contacted if you are looking to relocate to another lot within Luxe SL and need the current rental tier transferred to the new location.
If you are a habitual mover or home swapper (you have relocated to multiple lots or swapped homes multiple times in a short period of time), additional fees may be required to be paid to the management staff. This is to compensate for the back end work constantly involved in transferring of lots, time, the reworking of landscaping, driveways, and land, and update of information on multiple platforms.
Commercial properties are available to rent upon approval. All commercial properties are locked until approval is given.
Luxe SL prohibits military operations, recruiters, strip clubs, brothels, whore houses, futuristic equipment, live or birthed breedable markets (nested or bundled ones are permitted), other community advertising spots, or anything that is viewed to be outside the moderate rating (clothing and accessories is the exception).
Commercial buildings with a second floor accessible to the public are considered part of your business. If the second floor is NOT accessible to the public from your store, this floor is then considered an apartment.
Tip Jars: It is understood that you are here to make money as well if you run a business.
Please be mindful of your surroundings and keep them limited to the decor of your business.
They are to be no bigger than 2×2
Tip Jars are not permitted outside the walls of a building. They must remain within the confines of the building itself.
Ban lines are NOT permitted. ALL residents have permissions to manage their parcel ban LIST via the about land feature.
If you wish for privacy you may use the  security panel provided for you by Luxe LA.
Security orbs owned by residents are strictly prohibited.

If you business does not have security and you would like it, please open a general help ticket in discord to see if security can be added.
ALL members of Management and Real Estate MUST be on the white list.
Your rental includes all areas enclosed by the provided fence. You are not permitted to return (or to have returned) any sidewalks, gates, mailboxes, signs, fencing, driveways, or any other infrastructure set out by Luxe SL management, even if it is within your parcel boundary lines.
Rentals are OOC areas unless expressly made IC by the tenant. Please note, the inherent OOC nature of rentals does not mean that you can begin a role-play and then run to your rental and become OOC, effectively halting other players in the role-play you were engaging in. This conduct will not be tolerated. Repeat offenses will result in the loss of role-play privileges.
Child avatars are permitted to rent; however, parents MUST be NPC’d (if they do not reside with the child) when exploring the town IC. RL consequences would follow if a child was seen wandering alone, so expect those consequences at Luxe SL.
Management may return any items left out and unattended ICly and OOCly; especially those items that exceed a renter’s allotted prim amount. If you are leaving items out as part of an RP scene, it would be beneficial to alert a member of management or real estate so that the items are not returned during weekly prim audits.
Any loss of no-copy objects returned by management due to failure to pay rent, failure to take items after rental termination, or failure to pick up after an RP or visiting is not the fault of management. REIMBURSEMENT WILL NOT OCCUR.
Media and Music are accessible on your parcel ONLY if your rental is parceled off. Ensure that ALL media is turned off if you are not ON your rented parcel. ALL sounds MUST be contained to your parcel only, they should not be audible outside the boundaries.
Abandonment can be determined by (but is not limited to) the following:
The rental has been set to “Will Not Renew” AND less than 100 prims are left on the property.
The rental has 72 hours or less remaining AND less than 100 prims are on the property.
The rental is void of prims for more than a day and no response has been had from the PRIMARY renter.
The rental is void if the PRIMARY renter has left the resident’s group regardless of prims on-site or subtenants listed.
INDEMNIFICATION: Neither Luxe SL Township, nor its owners, administrators, and staff (collectively “Luxe SL”) is liable for damages due to the actions of its visitors, residents, or employees, nor is Luxe SL liable for region performance problems, and/or the loss of no-copy items due to a rollback, sim crash, returned objects, or any other reason out of Luxe SL’s control. If you have lost inventory, you should contact Linden Lab directly.