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Crime Rules

Crime, Combat and Police Rules


Please note that our regulations are subject to change at anytime 

General Crime & Police Rules

  1. Luxe LA is a roleplay sim in a modern urban city that supports criminal backgrounds and combat with our LUXELIFE hud.. Civilian characters when IC should not be immune to being victims of a crime, but in specific circumstances can ask to exit a scene with criminals such as being uncomfortable with the RP topic. In most crime RP scenarios, civilians are expected to fear for their lives and react to the scene in this way. IE. Civilians should not start laughing or twerking during armed robbery.
  2. Criminals should be realistic in their actions and RP. Including having realistic reasons for becoming a criminal. Rich characters generally would require a very good reason for turning to a life of petty crime like bank robbery when they already have anything they can reasonably want. White collar crime like money laundering would be more suitable for a rich character. 
  3. No RDM allowed. RDM stands for Random Death Match, Criminals must have a good reason for using weapons to kill/knock a civilian. RDM is excused in Compton City.  For examples of RDM, Please see Assault/Murder rules below.
  4. Safezones are strictly prohibited from combat. These include all municipal buildings (Courthouse, Police Dept., DMV, Management Office and Hospital). 
  5. Private businesses and residences require explicit OOC permission before combat can take place at those locations.
  6. Police/Government Corruption is permitted as long as a Lead Moderator is made aware of it OOCly. It should be within reason; cutting deals now and then for friends or mob bosses is OK, shooting up a courthouse as a police officer is not. 
  7. Heads of departments, such as the Mayor, Chief Justice, Fire Chief and District Attorney should not be corrupt. This allows for balance and seriousness in our municipal departments.
  8. Any corrupt municipal worker faces prison time and losing their position if caught, this is a serious crime offense. 
  9. Criminals for a life of crime can face consequences, such as lengthy prison terms and even character death. Their actions should be realistic in reflecting this and fearing the consequences.
  10. Major events such as bank robberies, explosions, any act of terrorism and fires in public buildings require administrative approval in writing prior to occurance. Open a #general-help ticket in discord for this approval.
  11. Military grade weaponry, such as high explosives, armored vehicles, machine guns, armor piercing firearms, rocket launchers, etc requires administrative approval. This does not apply to non-NFA civilian firearms, including semi automatic rifles.
  12. Crimes against a person’s property (House or business) require OOC consent, including setting OOC or IC fire. This can be from a “Yes RP Here” sign (Inferred consent) or a direct permission (Direct consent)
    1. It should be assumed that there is NPCs and Security Cameras in all public  business buildings unless a notice is sent otherwise, these NPCs would witness any crime that occurs and contact the authorities with the proper camera footage.
  13. All crime must be actual; We don’t arrest people because they ask, you need to commit an actual crime in Luxe LA and follow due process. Special circumstances such as outstanding warrants, wanted in another jurisdiction, may be considered on a case by case basis.
  14. All weapons that are not officially ONSIGHT GUNSTORE weapons are strictly prohibited. To purchase, must complete training and have a gun owners permit. Possession of an illegal firearm is a serious offense.

Types of major crime in Luxe LA- 

[ ] Kidnapping 

 [ ] Money laundering 

 [ ] Robbery –

 [ ] Vandalism –

 [ ] Illegal boxing –

 [ ] Drug selling –

 [ ] Drug cooking/growing –

 [ ] Smuggling –

 [ ] Assault and Murders 




Breaking any of the rules below can result in a sim ban and/or your character being deleted.

Kidnapping rules 

  • Must hold hostages in private residences Or designated gang areas in luxe la community only 
  • Must have at least two people performing the kidnapping 
  • Kidnapping Must be done in public chat, in order for there to be a possibility of witnesses. – No kidnappings allowed if there are no officers on duty 
  • Kidnappers must be armed with registered weapons only. 
  • No kidnappings allowed out of businesses or safe zones
  • Citizens must fear for their life and go along with kidnapping. 
  • Must post a ransom note or video in the discord “citizens report” chat. Have a random citizen post it in order to avoid meta gaming. Can be family or friend of the hostage as well. Note or video must have the name on the hostages on luxe LARP hud only. Must not include Discord names or in world names of hostages or kidnappers in order to avoid meta-gaming. – must not hold hostages longer than 1 hour (unless the hostage decides ooc they would like to stay longer) 
  • If the police do not rescue the hostage within an hour of posting the ransom, the city will pay a flat rate of 100,000 Luxcoin per hostage to pay off ransoms. Hostage must open a discord ticket, or give a notecard to police at the station with the kidnappers inworld name in order to receive ransom. Hostage should not leave until they have done so.
  • If the hostage is killed in captivity, no ransom will be given 
  • Must not hold hostage on property that has security enabled 
  • If the police come and find where you are holding hostage, you must fight or surrender. Must be wearing combat (LUXELIFE) hud. 
  • Breaking any of these rules will be considered cheating, and you will be removed from luxe la rp and possibly have your character erased 


Money laundering rules 
  • money laundering involves the collection of dirty money and “washing it“ by exchanging it with the criminal for your personal Luxcoin and then exchanging it with the bank to receive Luxcoin back 
  • Only turnkey businesses registered to take dirty money will be able to money launder. 
  • In order for your business to qualify, you must have a registered turnkey business and the following stat requirements on your Luxe LA RP hud (Intelligence – 15+, Influence – 5+)
  •  Open a discord ticket in order for your business to be approved for money laundering. – You may collect the dirty money bags, and exchange them At the bank. The bank will give you face value for the bags (unless paying off debt). 
  • If a criminal comes to you for money washing, you may offer them a lower exchange rate so that you may take the profits. Exchange rate is up to you. 
Civilian Robbery Rules 
  • LUXELIFE hud must be set to criminal while committing robbery
  • Civilian victims of robbery must have an RP bio with what they are carrying on them in order to be robbed. You may only take those things as part of the robbery. 
  • You cannot rob money, all currency besides dirty money is digital in 2050.  
  • Must not rob the same person more than once in a week.
Bank & Jewelry Store Robbery Rules 
  • LUXELIFE hud must be worn 
  • LUXELIFE hud must be set to criminal while committing robbery
  • Leaving behind evidence like bags of money will be used to put out a warrant for your immediate arrest. 
  • You are not allowed to tp in and out of the bank, you must use the robbery system. If caught teleporting, you would be considered cheating and banned with character deleted.
Vandalism (Graffiti Tagging)
  • Vandalism (specifically graffiti tagging) is allowed as long as it is not a disruption OOC. 
  • Private homes or businesses must have the owners OOC consent before vandalizing.
  • Public property can be vandalized, however public spaces and businesses are ”surveillanced” by NPC’s and you will likely be ID’d.
  • Objects left must not be high prim or high script
  • Objects left must not be extremely offensive in nature. No sexism, racism, or homophobia. No OOC information.
  • Objects left must be realistic in rp to leave as vandalism. A texture of graffiti for example is reasonable, or a paint splatter. Rezzing an elephant in the middle of a businesses is not.
  • Pick up all graffiti after 30 days regardless of if found by the city or not.
Illegal Boxing
  • Illegal boxing matches should only take place on Compton city sim unless admin approval for an underground fight in the rest of Luxe.  
  • Anyone can bet on these illegal fights (LC$ dollars only), even in Luxe LA
  • If an illegal boxing event is busted by police, both fighters could be arrested.

Drug Selling

  • Drugs are coming soon to Luxe LA. Currently we have no hard drugs for the city and all hard drugs have a blanket ban until drugs are released. Possession of any illegal hard drugs is a felony, no matter the amount. Selling marijuana or shrooms requires a drug permit from the courthouse.

Drug Cooking/Growing

  • This is coming soon as well and will be released with drug selling. 


  • These missions are coming soon to compton and sandy shores. You will be able to randomly intercept shipments of illegal goods and sell them/Deliver them for dirty money. 
Assault/ Murders / Hitmen
  • Must have hitman role to perform hits outside of Compton City Sim (Hitman role requires Strength 10+ and Intelligence 20+)
  • Murders or attempts to permakill are not allowed between players without OOC permission/agreement first.
  • You must still get permission to attempt to permakill even if performing a hit, however if the victim declines, you may not release who hired the hit ooc. This is considered meta gaming.
  • You may perform a hit to temp kill a victim/ combat victim till unconscious. You may only do this to one victim. Cannot attempt on the same victim again.
  • Combat and Assault including melee are prohibited in safe zones, even for hitmen.
  • RDM is not allowed. Make sure you have a good reason for assaulting someone. Must have prior roleplay first before engaging in combat, especially with weapons. Examples of RDM:

Not RDM: You are in the whole food grocery store, you see an op from another gang(you know them already), and you get into a rp scene first of an argument. Threats are made, then you draw and fire.

RDM: Seeing an op in the grocery store and shooting on site no warning. 

Not RDM: You are attempting to rob someone and they try to shoot back or fight you, and you fire on them in defense 

RDM: Robbing someone and shooting them before or after, whether they attacked you or not





Jail and Prison Out of Character Rules

The following are OOC rules that may require admin intervention if you violate.

  1. Luxe LA operates the jail within the Luxe LA Police Department as well as the federal prison – Sandy Shores Correctional Facility (SSCF)  located in the desert on the Compton City sim (coming soon). Primary jail as well as prison responsibility falls to the LLAPD. 
  2. The following RP activities are expressly prohibited in the jail out of respect for other players 
    1. Sexual assault of any kind (Cat calling or other roughhousing may not automatically fall into this category as it is typically expected in a prison environment, but there’s a clear line that shouldn’t be crossed) 
    2. Torture
    3. Extreme violence (Beat downs and violence are fine, graphically detailing ripping someone’s fingers off isn’t needed)
    4. Toilet/shower/Eating. You do not need to rp out these things as the needs hud and LUXELIFE compatible objects will do so for you. 
    5. Any troll like /me’s clearly intent on distracting other roleplayers. This includes on voice trolling OOC or with subject matter that does not reasonably apply to rp scenario. Have fun but stay in character.
    6. If you must roleplay any of the above between OOCly consenting parties in the jail, take it to IM’s for the roleplay.
  3. It should always be assumed there are at least two NPC deputies on duty in the jail at all times, who will react accordingly to violence or etc. Use the discord to request real deputies/officers if a situation requires it.
  4. The NPC deputies will let people out of their cells for recreation time, food, etc. This is pretty liberal; feel free to walk around the jail block, rec yard, etc for roleplay. You are not confined to your cell unless you’re a specific security risk, and you’ll be informed if you qualify there. However be mindful “free roam” is a privilege that deputies/officers can and will revoke if exploited and confine you to your cell.
  5. Payphones are available with your phone call before booking and the payphones in the jail area. These phones are recorded and you must hand over chat logs of any IC conversations if requested.
    1. Collect Call Payphone Prompt (Should open up payphone-based conversations with this for immersion)
      1. This is a collect call from California’s Sandy Shore Correctional Facility, Inmate (INSERT INMATE NAME). Please press 1 to accept the charges and this phone call. If you do not wish to receive phone calls from this inmate, press 2 to be placed on this inmate’s no-call list.
  6. Most people in the jail are pre-trial, awaiting bail of some kind. Here’s the rules for bail:
    1. Any arrest for a Misdemeanor (i.e, Drunk Driving) without a warrant can automatically get bail from a NPC judge. You just say you want to bail out, the arresting officer gives you a LC$ Dollars  amount, and you can bail out there or RP in jail until trial.
    2. Any arrest for a Felony, or any arrest based on an arrest warrant regardless of felony or misdemeanor requires a judge to approve bail. This may be automatic; you’ll be notified of the amount, or in more serious cases may require a bail hearing. The courts system will work with you on this.
    3. Bail may be denied in certain circumstances, for example, violent felons may be denied bail, and flight risks may be denied bail. For example, non Luxe LA residents may be denied bail since you may flee the city to avoid trial if you’re released.
  7. When sentenced, you may be sentenced to serve time or released on time served depending on the severity of the charges
  8. RP Prison Sentences are divided down in the following formula. One year IC = one day OOC someone sentenced to 7 years in prison ICly, this is 7 days OOCly. This does not apply to people in jail pending i.e bail hearings who should be counted in real time:
    1. 2 IRL Hours = 1 IC Month
    2. 24 IRL Hours = 1 IC Year
  9. Crime committed outside of the Compton city sim will carry a sentence that is 10x the normal sentence for the same crime. For example, a crime with a 1 month sentence committed in Compton city sim carries a 10 month sentence if committed in the rest of Luxe LA. Sandy Shores is considered a part of Compton city sim. 


Jail In-Character Rules

This is just a list of IC Jail policies/rules that can land you in trouble ICly with authorities and extend your sentence for violating.

  1. Physical Contact Prohibited – Inmates will not make physical contact with other inmates or deputies/officers unless specifically instructed to do so by officers. This includes no fighting, no touching, and no romantic gestures, even among consensual partners.
    1. Contact sports (such as the basketball hoops on the rooftop) may be exempted from the no-contact rule, but participating in these activities is a privilege that can be revoked.
  2. Follow All Directives – Inmates will follow all lawful commands from any law enforcement officer on the block. Inmates should follow these commands without insult, undue question, or disobedience.
  3. Gang Affiliation Prohibited – Inmates will not associate with, identify with, or meet as part of any gang affiliated groups or organizations.
  4. Visitation – Inmates are allowed unlimited phone calls in the cell block as a privilege, but this can be revoked for poor behavior. Physical visitation with family or friends is also a privilege that can be revoked; the only visitation a inmate is entitled to is with legal counsel.
  5. Respect – Inmates shall respect officers and other inmates at all times, including no insults, swearing at, offensive gestures, racist or misogynistic remarks, among others.
  6. Obey All Laws – Even if you’re in jail, you still need to follow all the laws of the street in addition to the jail’s policies.
  7. Punishments for poor behavior can include, but not limited to:
    1. Restricted to cell. The city is not obligated to provide any recreational time outside of your cell, and can revoke this for poor behavior.
    2. Restricted visitation. The city can revoke all visitation, mail, and phone calls for poor behavior with the only exemption of legal consultation.
    3. Administrative Segregation. For more severe punishments inmates may be placed in a cell 24/7 for a fixed amount of time with no contact with other inmates.


For the full breakdown of laws and fines in Luxe LA, Please read the Luxe LA Law Book below: