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How to play LIFE RP!

Ready to make your roleplay more interactive? Play the game of LIFE, our integrated life needs hud and meter that make the city and your avatar more interactive.


How to get what you need to start playing LIFE RP

  1. Get your LIFE RP SYSTEM from marketplace,  the LIFE Official Store or a landing point bus stop in Luxe LA.
  2. Get your Luxcoin currency (LC$) debit card at the Bank or the LIFE RP store. Each Citizen gets 25 LC$ Dollars  to start..
  3. Join Luxe LIFE RP group and LIFE RP Discord to connect to the community.

Once you have all the items above needed, you are ready to play LIFE RP!


PLEASE NOTE THE LIFE RP SYSTEM IS IN BETA! This webpage is subject to change with updates


How to use LIFE RP hud & meter

Quick Start

  1. Once you purchase your system unpack it
  2. Wear the LIFE meter FIRST. Do not yet wear your hud. (Do not rez meter or hud on ground).
  3. Select your gender when the window pops up and asks. (You must do this to register as a player.
  4. After Selecting Gender, wear your LIFE RP Hud.
  5. Click the Hud, and click “inventory” at least once when it pops up (You must do this to register your inventory or ingredients won’t save).
  6. You are all registered!

For more details on how LIFE RP works, please read the following detail guide:


Luxe Life Hud Commands

✔ /9menu → pulls up a menu for the below commands.
✔ /9help → shows list of commands.
✔ /9info → shows player information.
✔ /9on → turns the Meter ON (IC).
✔ /9off → turns the Meter OFF (OOC).
✔ /9gender → changes gender.
✔ /9setup → setups character.
✔ /9colors → shows list of available colors.
✔ /9color color-name → changes meter color.
✔ /9title title-text → adds a title.
✔ /9title remove → removes the title.
✔ /9role → adds role-name.
✔ /9roleremove → removes role-name.

Stat Bars on Hud


Let’s start with the hud itself and the stat bars.

The hud has 10 stats: Health, Energy, Hunger, Thirst, Blood, Social, Sick, Continence, Hygiene, Happiness

All stats can be either healed or damaged by the objects around or naturally overtime.


✪ Stats/Attributes

♥ Health

The condition of the body and the degree to which it is free from serious illness, or the state of being alive.
Displays actual health points for your character.
The number displayed above your head and in your hud is the remaining percentage of these health points. If your health goes to 0, you will be unconscious/dead and require immediate medical attention before you are able to use any other stat increasers or combat.


⚡ Energy

The power and ability to be physically and mentally active.
LUXELIFE uses  “Energy” as a power and energy source and simulates human limits to provide a level of realism. If player has 0 energy players can’t make hits and the health will begin to decrease gradually. Energy also decrease with melee fight hits, jumping and running. Energy can be replenished with certain goods or by relaxing in a LIFE compatible chair.

Energy differs from tiredness, as you can exert all of your physical energy without being sleepy or tired. For example, if you run a mile, you don’t automatically want to take a nap, but you sure do want to take a seat!


н Hunger (Food)

The feeling you have when you need to eat.

Hunger: Is fairly straightforward and can be refilled by using any food items made for Luxelife. Some drinks may also fill a little bit of food like a smoothie. HUnger goes down slowly over time or faster with objects that damage your hunger stat.
If player has 0 hunger points they begin to drop energy points, which eventually leads to health lost, so its very important to eat!


т Thirst (Drinks)

The need for something to drink
If player has 0 Thirst points they begin to drop energy points, which. So players need to drink to satisfy their thirst and stay alive!


ʙ Blood (Lose blood by: Bleeding/Accidents/Fighting)

The red liquid that is sent around the body by the heart, and carries oxygen and important substances to organs and tissue, and removes waste products, if blood is less than the max which is 100 it will begin to decrease if blood goes down to 0, health will begin to decrease as well so blood stat needs to be at max all the times. Blood decreases with combat (melee/range hits) or a blood damage scripted objects like (spikes/broken glass/traps…etc). Blood can be recovered slowly with iron pills from the pharmacy, or quickly with a blood transfusion at Lennox Hill hospital.


Social (Socialness)

The feeling of needing to interact with other people and avoid isolation which can lead to sadness! You can fill your social stat by being around others also wearing the LIFE RP System or using items/furniture that raises social stat.


 Sick (Sickness/Immune System)

The feeling of getting sick and needing for “Medicines”, Consider this bar a visual representation of your immune system. You want it full and optimal at all times. if sick is less than the max which is 100, it will begin to decrease slowly. If sick goes down to 0, health will begin to decrease as well so sick stat needs to be at max (100) all the time, Sick stat decreases with interacting with LUXELIFE Roleplay items that damage your immune system (drugs, poison, bad food) or Damage scripted objects in the area like (smoke or sick air/virus…etc). Sickness stat can heal/increase with medicine, certain foods like health foods and teas and medical treatment at Lennox Hill Hospital.



 Toilet (Continence )

The need to use the bathroom. You can relieve yourself by using toilets scripted for LUXELIFE. For children, a changing table or kids potty will work as well.. If your toilet stat gets to 0, your sickness will start to decrease.



The need for cleanliness. This includes showers, washing hands, cleaning home, etc. using luxe life hygiene objects. This is essentially how well groomed and clean you are. It goes down slowly, over time but can go down quicker when sitting in dirty environments or doing activities that cause you to sweat a lot. It can be restored with showers, sinks, soaps, and so on.  If your hygiene stat goes down to 0, your sickness stat will decrease.


☻ Happy (Happiness/Cheer/Mood)

The need to stay cheerful and happy. Your happiness can be raised by using objects or going to places with seats that increase happiness points. Going out around luxe la is the easiest way to raise happiness. If your happiness gets to 0, your tired stat will decrease like depression. If you need to quickly raise happiness, you can also take drugs, anti depressants from the pharmacy, or therapy at Lennox Hill Medical Center,

How do you fill stats?

🏠At Home

For updating your stats while at home, each hud comes with basic furinture scripts that are copy. We offer additional scripts in the LIFE RP store to add to your own furniture as well, making what you already have LIFE compatible. LIFE scripts work with most furniture. NOTE. MUST HAVE SCRIPTING AND EDITING KNOWLEDGE. SCRIPT MUST BE DROPPED IN EACH SIT TARGET OF OBJECT TO WORK.

Currently the store has the following scripts to add to your own furniture:

Bed Script – Heals Energy Stat

Toilet Script – Heals Toilet Stat

Shower Script – Heals Hygiene Stat

Tub Script – Heals Hygiene Stat

Sink Script – Heals Hygiene Stat

Chair Script – Heals Energy Stat

Home Pack Scripts – All of the above scripts bundled into a more affordable pack. All Luxe LA Residents get 1 free home pack!

All above scripts are copy and cost 75L$ each or 250L$ for home pack.

Specialty scripts for things like kids furniture, massage chairs, etc will be released in the future! To make suggestions for what types of scripts you would like added, please join the LIFE RP Discord and add them to the #suggestions channel.


🏙️ In Luxe LA

Almost all locations in Luxe LA have LIFE compatible food, items or furniture. If a location does not yet have LIFE compatible objects, please open a #general-help ticket in the Luxe LA Discord and request the location be scripted, and we will get it done ASAP!

No Linden for LIFE food and needs? Get Luxcoin!!


Learn about our Luxe RP Currency – Luxcoin ($LC)

LIFE RP has its own roleplay money system apart from lindens that give every citizen a money value loaded onto a credit card and allows for more money to be added that can be use to purchase many goods and services in LIFE RP interactive communities.  The roleplay currency is called Luxcoin, a crypto currency created by the Luxembourg’s.


This credit card will allow you to pay for services with roleplay credit (for certain services that except Luxcoin only) as well as purchase LIFE RP food, ingredients for cooking and farming, services, drugs, and other LIFE RP items around the city from stores as well as NPC’s.


A luxcoin Card is provided to you in your system package. If you did not receive one, visit the main store or the Luxe LA Bank. Or if purchased on marketplace, ask for redelivery. 


There are only many ways of getting money on your Luxcoin Card.

  1. Checking your Luxcoin Card for the first time will give you 25LC
  2. Get payment Directly from another citizen.
  3. Getting a bank loan (subject to bank teller availability and discretion)
  4. Working a job that pays luxcoin  and using the a LC timeclock
  5. Safes in Luxe LA homes and Businesses (Access your own safe and take luxcoin out every 10 mins or rob others’ safes)
  6. Criminal Activities like robbing the bank (You’lll need to exchange your dirty money for luxcoin)

There are lots of role play jobs around the city, so you have options to explore your career passions in Luxe. Be whoever you’d like. Have fun role playing, work on your stats, and earn Luxcoin to pay for your LIFE food and medicine (the legal and illegal kind)! Unfortunately some employee seating decreases cheer since who actually enjoys their job, unless you have a fun work. You won’t know until you start punching in! Become a police officer, an ER doctor, a Starbuck$ barista, gas station clerk, grocery attendant, dog groomer, hair stylist, nail tech, even a working model!. Check out more info on the Jobs page.