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Commercial Rentals

Available Commercial Rentals



Check out our properties available for commercial and business use only!



You will not get any refunds for breaking business rules due to failure to read the guide before renting a business location, so please read the  Business Guide in full BEFORE you pay.


Com A – Open Business (Private Businesses)
*Can be anything that the person desires to open like a service or sl products as long as it stays in theme of the sim and not out of place in RP. Security Panel Provided. No RP or LIFE HUD required in these spaces. We will never reclaim these businesses as long as tier is paid on time and all other covenant rules are followed by business owner*



Com B – Turnkey Business (Private, Public RP, and Specialty)
Businesses already decorated and set up. Ready to go businesses. Must follow certain requirements to maintain ownership. Full requirements are listed in the Business Guide



Com C – Office Space (Private and Public RP)
For offices and services only. Not for traditional stores or selling items. Can be shared coworking space.


More detailed info on all turnkey and business requirements in the Business Guide

Want a 25% off discount on your commercial rental??

Get 25% off your shop rental if you business offers at least 1000 LC$ (Luxcoin is LIFE RP’S CURRENCY) worth of goods or services.

For example: If you sell food, at least 1000LC$ worth of products. If you own a spa, a manicure for 500LC$ and a pedicure for 500LC$ would fulfill those requirements. If you own a club or lounge and charge 1000LC$ for a VIP table or charge 1000LC$ worth of drinks, What you make or sell will depend on your business.

Once you have completed the requirements and have it posted in your shop on luxe, open a discord help ticket and we will adjust your rent